About us

DEXPro keeps a large stock of quickly deliverable cars. Are you still looking for a car for your client? Chances are that you will find it right here!

Why choose DEXPro?

Cars ready for sale

All of our cars have been reconditioned, so you can immediately sell your car! No extra costs and immediately available from stock.

Trustworthy partner

We know that trustworthiness is very important in a sale! That stimulates us to conduct every sale in a correct way: we want the very best for you as a professional client.

A lot of experience

All of our employees have built up years of experience and they are always ready for you. In French, Dutch or English, we look for the car you want in a correct way.

Quick delivery

We provide a quick delivery, which makes you able to sell quickly at a sharp price! Always keep an eye on our site for new arrivals, because our cars tend to race out of the showroom!

Pick up or delivery at your place

If desired, our transport coordinator will arrange transport to you, unless of course a personal pick up is desired.

Customer service

Our service extends the mere sale. Our sales team and our administrative team are always ready for a reliable customer service afterwards.